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Hi! Nice of you to have a look and check out what I'm all about!

TL;DR at the bottom for you lazy bastards!

Yes, that is me, I do take myself extremely serious, and I enjoy drawing. Particularly I've started to make T-Shirt designs for myself. I enjoy creating original designs to express myself and create something I would like to wear. It seemed that others have enjoyed my creations. So I've started to work on bringing those designs to others. Now I've set up Subcinctus so that you can have a look at my designs. That's it. Only look, no touching!...Haha, only because it is an online store. 

Subcinctus is translated from latin and means, to shift. To slightly cause something or someone to move or change from one position or direction to another. Keep on moving and be moved by your enjoyments in life. Don't sit still but be in motion to live. To shift. 

I work for Subcinctus from home, so I like to get out there, explore the world. I get my inspiration from traveling, going on random adventures, listening to music or meeting new people. So quite some of the designs reflect those endeavors of mine, and all I can hope for is that others will enjoy them as well so they can look good and express themselves on their own outrageously fun adventures! I also perform on my own, so I don't have an entire team of developers at my back. But that doesn't mean I cannot uphold quality. Just keep in mind that updates, new designs, specials, and so on, might not be available to you on a frequent regular basis. I however will uphold my word to say that I will make every effort to give you that quality. I mean, if I don't want to wear it myself, why would you? Assuming our taste matches! 

I envision Subcinctus to, in one way or another, support nature in the near future. This beauty of a blue marble should be protected and taken care of. We are living here enjoying life, and we should share it with every other creature and help wherever we can! 

I hope you enjoyed me talking. But without keeping you here any longer, join me at Subcinctus and start living your adventure!

TL;DR: Psych! 


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